Sour Strawberry Gummies 3pk [90mg]


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Looking for something tasty to help you sleep and recharge your energy for the following day? STIIIZY’S Sour Strawberry Gummies are your answer! These popular treats curate a beautifully distributed relaxing high, as the calming effects reduce the tension within your body and mind. They are enhanced with indicia-derived cannabis extracts, designed to wind you down & chill you out, delivering strong appetite stimulation, stress relief, and reducing general restlessness! Smelling of fresh berries and leaving a lasting sweet & tart taste in your mouth, the high that these gummies induce is simply unmatched. It comes on slowly, like a gentle wave of calm that spreads out from your center with a body buzz and lifts your spirits. Shortly after, you’ll notice yourself drifting off into space as you feel your tension melt away. It is a perfect treat to eat before going to sleep. Grab a piece or three and clear your schedule, because these edibles will knock you down for the rest of your day!


Dosage: 90mg per package, 30mg per gummy, 10mg per gummy segment.

Disclaimer: Due to compliance reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges unless the product is defective. This product contains cannabis and was potency tested with an allowable variance of +/- 15%. Keep out of reach of children.