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Whether you’re shopping for medical cannabis or want the top-quality cannabis for recreational use, Our Dispensary is here to serve you. Our company is founded with your health in mind. We strive to produce and sell the products you want, at the level of quality you deserve.

Tyson C
Tyson C
I have ordered from here twice. Really good customer service I like that they message you the they received your order and every step about your order after that. on my first order I messed up on the email transfer and they called me to let me know. It was great that they had other option of payments so I was able to use my debit card at my front door. The driver was super friendly product was on point definitely happy with service and product. My second order was on Black Friday I put my order in around 5pm and my order arrived Just after 9pm wow what service especially on Black Friday and only a few hours later my stuff arrives and I can pay by debit card man that is awesome super happy with product and service thank you and definitely will be a frequent flyer Updated review December 23/2023 Like I said frequent flyer I have ordered from Karuna many many more times from my first review and I haven't been disappointed. Every order has been on point. All Delivery drivers I have dealt with have been friendly, kind and it is nice to see repeat delivery drivers not like the food delivery service it's always a different person. I definitely would recommend thank you for awesome service and fair herb prices and good amount to choose from
Sherilyn Dileva
Sherilyn Dileva
Amazing staff. Britt and Ashley are great ladies. Variety of good products so easy to try new items
BeeKay KesHoule
BeeKay KesHoule
Great products, ranging in price for everybody. Nice variety of products. Clear communication and fast delivery. If you need weed and such check em out.
Giovanni Chipoco Sanchez
Giovanni Chipoco Sanchez
Quinn Colby
Quinn Colby
Great product with fairly knowledgeable staff.
I can only speak to Concentrates as I don’t smoke leaf but my first time ordering some shatter and I was happy. Quality was good, prices unbeatable compared to their competitors. Was super easy and fast to order online. My other dispensary had shut down so I think these guys will be my new go to from now on. 🙂❤️

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To create a unique premium cannabis experience to consumers by providing a knowledgeable and trusted retail establishment. Helping our customers make well-informed decisions while assisting in the change of public perception on cannabis safety, consumption and benefits. Leafly is for everyone. No matter your consumption needs we provide the level of service, knowledge and high quality products every consumer is looking for. A comfortable atmosphere that invites anyone to experience, discover and explore the growing world of cannabis.

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