Solid Crew 4-Part Metal Grinder Gold


50mm 4 Piece

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Solid Crew 50mm 4 Part Grinder is one seriously sharp piece of kit – Not only do they look great, they will also chew through your herbs with ease!

50mm wide and available in 3 different colors.

Solid Crew 50mm 4 Part Grinder has a magnetic top and features a mesh-catching screen on the last level to capture the finest grinds. Included is a scaping tool to help maintain and extract the stickiest herb matter from this metal grinder. Sharp Triangle teeth ensure herbs are ground up nicely, they are so sharp that twist action on these Solid Crew 50mm 4 Part Grinder is incredibly smooth.

Razor-sharp shark teeth!!

Solid Crew 4-Part Metal Sifter Grinder

  • Aluminum metal grinder
  • 4-part stage grinder
  • mesh catching screen
  • Magenetic herb grinder
  • three colors
  • 50mm Herb Grinder
  • Herb grinder scrape tool