SNEAKERS Unwind – 5 Pack 2.5g



Finding premium Indica pre-rolls around the Phoenix area isn’t easy. With many dispensaries claiming to provide quality pre-rolls, finding a reliable product can be challenging. But not anymore. Why? Because with Sneakers Pre-Rolls, they have got your back. they supply top-quality pre-rolls around the Phoenix area.

Unwind Indica Pre-Roll Packs & Singles

Sneakers prepare their Unwind Indica Pre-Rolls using 100% quality flower that they grow in their greenhouse located in Northern Phoenix. To ensure the quality of their pre-rolls, they use both their peak harvest and in-season strains, ensuring you get the high effect you are looking for every time you smoke their pre-roll weed. While growing their strains, they don’t use pesticides so that they can maintain the quality of pre-rolls.

No Shake. No Shit

You can’t compare Sneakers Indica pre-rolls with the other products in the market. They carefully prepare their pre-rolls using their greenhouse’s hand-picked 100% quality brands. Using their premium flowers ensures you don’t stop smoking to trim and shake your pre-roll. Instead, you and your friends will always enjoy a consistent smoking experience.

Hand Packed With Care

Once they have prepared their pre-rolls, they carefully hand-pack them. These packed pre-rolls allow you the opportunity to be ready for any moment you are looking for a relaxing moment.

  • Furthermore, Sneakers value quality, and so when packing their pre-rolls, they include 1 gram of Boveda® in every packet to properly humidify their products so that it retains the flavor and potency
About the Brand

Sneakers are professionally packed onsite at our indoor, small-batch grow in north Phoenix. They know good weed means consistent quality at a great price. Sneakers pre-roll packs and singles are cleanly produced with pesticide-free, lab-tested flower.

And, because quality is queen, each of their pre-roll five-packs includes a Boveda(R) 1 gram packet to properly humidify our cannabis to retain its potency and flavor.