SNEAKERS Energize – 5 Pack 2.5g



At Sneakers Pre-Rolls, they don’t compromise on quality. They make our Sativa pre-rolls using 100% natural and quality flower. They get their flower from their greenhouse located in the northern Phoenix area. To ensure you get the effect you are looking for from their products, they combine the best of their peak and in-season harvest. Sneakers understands that excellent cannabis involves consistent quality at an affordable price. As a result, they professionally pack their Sativa pre-rolls and singles using clean, pesticide-free, and lab-tested flower.

No Shake, No Shit

Energize Sativa Pre-Rolls are not just any rolls. With Sneakers premium Sativa pre-rolls, you don’t have to shake or trim, thus giving you a consistent smoking experience. You and your friends can enjoy their Sativa pre-roll at any time of the day. Why are Sneakers Sativa pre-rolls the best?

  • They carefully pack their pre-rolls to ensure you have a consistent smoking experience.
  • They use their high-quality flowers grown in their greenhouse free of any pesticides and lab-tested.
About the Brand

Sneakers are professionally packed onsite at our indoor, small-batch grow in north Phoenix. They know good weed means consistent quality at a great price. Sneakers pre-roll packs and singles are cleanly produced with pesticide-free, lab-tested flower.

And, because quality is queen, each of their pre-roll five-packs includes a Boveda(R) 1 gram packet to properly humidify our cannabis to retain its potency and flavor.