MÜV Pain Relief Cream 1:1



MÜV Pain Relief Cream is the perfect remedy for body aches like sore muscles and arthritic joints. To give our patients the most well-rounded cannabis medicine possible, we have infused this product with both THC and CBD. Moreover, the cream contains all-natural jojoba, aloe, and shea butter – leaving the skin soft and silky when used. MÜV Pain Relief Cream is easy to carry in a purse or glove box to be used at your convenience.

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About the Brand

MÜV cannabis products are created with a cornerstone of scientific Research and Development led by scientists passionate about the effects of cannabis as medicine. This team is comprised of experts on the various chemical compounds found in cannabis, including a variety of cannabinoids and terpenes. MÜV utilizes an award-winning, proprietary cold ethanol extraction method to produce concentrates and oils. These extracts are the primary building blocks of our product line. MÜV products are rigorously tested both in-house and through a third-party lab for both purity and consistency. Patients can expect the highest standards.