MFused Techniq Vape | Terp Sauce Cartridge | Blueberry 1g



TECHNIQ is MFUSED’s most premium line of Cannabis extract, a Full Spectrum Single Origin Terp Sauce that truly represents the full-bodied profile of every strain.



More than just another vape cartridge, TECHNIQ is focused on highlighting every step of the process, from showcasing the gardens we collaborate with, to the exclusive proprietary hardware used, and also the extraction process and technology implemented to extract every naturally distinctive notes of the Cannabis plant.




TECHNIQ is the perfect culmination between passionate master growers, decade-long experienced extractors and innovative market-leading technology all put into one.


Designed with convenience in mind, our vapes eliminate the need for additional parts, presenting a seamless, ready-to-use experience straight out of the packaging. Embracing a slim and discreet design, this companion becomes the ideal on-the-go essential, complemented by top-tier components that guarantees enduring performance and uninterrupted elevation.

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