Kush Mints CAM (Indica)




THC 39.05%


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(Bubba Kush X Animal Mints)

One of our most critically acclaimed offerings, Kush Mints, is a Seed Junky creation that takes pollen from Bubba Kush and mixes it with his world-renowned Animal Mints. Lime green laced with purple, the monstrous buds grow like mini footballs with bowl-sized pieces that break right off the stem.

This has the sweet, musty, aroma of mint candy stored in a wooden box.

After it’s ground-up there’s a minty, sweet tea that holds the door for something soft and doughy, the way you’ve always wanted your clothes to smell when they come out of the dryer.

Its dry inhale has that strong stale shortbread taste but is accompanied by a minty end that grows stronger the more you start smoking. Coming in strong on the last stretch, that mint catches a glimpse of Bubba Kush in the rearview with hints of fuel and grape bubblegum on the aftertaste.

What makes this one of our most popular varieties is the devil-may-care, (or devil’s lettuce may care), attitude that this high often brings out in people. This is the kind of cannabis that can make you feel better just by smelling it. Often paired with stress-relieving activities, Kush Mints carries with it feelings of “no sweat” “we got this” and “worry about it later.”

Ground-up, the flower releases more of a fruitiness along with a healthy dose of gas. And the dry inhale carries the Biscotti’s nutty, even quality before blossoming under a flame. That first puff tastes like vanilla and wafers cookies with an aftertaste of pine needles, followed by Gelato’s notes of earth and fruit.

Leaving you mentally and physically inspired, 129 Camethyst is some highly driven cannabis. As you smoke, your brain wanders towards all the tasks you could be doing. So don’t be surprised if you pause the joint once or twice to knock something off your to-do list.

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