Jungle Cake Infused Blunt [2g]


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THC: 474 mg

Have you tried Jungle Cake yet? This delectable blend of beefy-leaf hybrid strains is sure to delight your senses. Its kush aroma is pleasant, with hints of marshmallow, diesel, and earthy flavors that leave you feeling euphoric and relaxed. Think of it like a little koala seeking shelter under a jungle leaf during a rainstorm – happy and funky. Created by combining White Fire #43 and Wedding Cake; Jungle Cake delivers a potent high that users have reported as both relaxing and euphoric, making it ideal for unwinding or lifting your spirits. Each package contains melty ice-water hash infused into full flower nugs, broken down by hand, wrapped in a tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap, uniquely cured for 72 hours, finished with a custom glass filter tip, and encased in a re-sealable glass tube for your enjoyment.


Disclaimer: Due to compliance reasons, we cannot accept returns or exchanges unless the product is defective. This product contains cannabis and was potency tested with an allowable variance of +/- 15%.








3.79 mg/g


Alpha Pinene

2.58 mg/g


Beta Caryophyllene

2.21 mg/g