Jealousy Liquid Live Resin Cartridge 1g





Product Details

Our Liquid Live Resin is sourced from a single cannabis strain. Nothing added. Nothing taken away. We capture the original full-spectrum effects of fresh flower in the convenience of a 1g cartridge. Compatible with all 510 thread batteries. Rest products are derived from indica strains, which are associated with calm and relaxation. Our Rest offerings pair well with quality time, evening wind-downs, and restorative self-care.


1 – 5 minutes


30 minutes – 4 hours or longer

Results may vary by individual.
WARNING: Vaporizer products may contain ingredients harmful to health when inhaled.
This product has been tested for contaminants with no adverse findings. No additives were infused during the manufacturing of this product, including Vitamin E Acetate, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), vegetable glycerin (VG), or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT). A copy of the certificate of analysis is available upon request.
Manufacturer: Smoore
Model: M6T05
Components: Polycarbonate casing, stainless steel, silicone rubber; atomizer coil consists of lead-free copper, & nonwoven fabrics.

About this Strain

Jealousy is a cross between Gelato 41 x Sherbert. This strain packs a fruity, creamy flavor with a touch of citrus on the exhale. The aroma is similar with hints of berries and fresh vanilla with a slight touch of sour citrus. Jealousy has relaxing effects that won’t weigh you down as you will also have a clear mind filled with euphoria and creativity. This strain is great for any time of the day and would be great paired with some dessert.