El Bluntito x Josh D – Dynasty OG w/Hash- 4 x .85G [Mini Blunt]




El Bluntito 4-Pack – The World’s Finest Cannabis Cigarillo

Infused with the highest grade of melty ice-water hash

Dynasty, with an emphasis on the nasty, is next-level kush from Josh D Farms. Originally a gift to Josh from a mysterious friend, Dynasty OG is a heavy hit to your stressful day and a home run to your creative thoughts. Let your body relax with this diesel citrus slugger, and start some great conversations with your friends —or yourself. This 4-pack of mini cannabis cigarillos is perfect for sharing or stashing away. Contains 4 x 0.85g of full flower nugs infused with a melty ice-water hash (14.5% hash), broken down by hand (never ground), hand-rolled in a tobacco-free all-natural hemp wraps, finished with custom glass filter tips and encased in a re-sealable glass jar.

– 4 x .85 grams of top-shelf cannabis infused with a melty ice-water hash (3.4 grams total)

– 14.5% hash by volume

– Full flower nugs, broken down by hand

– Custom glass filter tip

– 100% tobacco-free all-natural hemp wrap

– Re-sealable glass jar

– Great for sharing!

Strain Details: Dynasty OG from Josh D Farms (Hybrid)