Devil Driver CAM (Indica)



THC 34.80%


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(Sundae Driver X Melonaid)

There’s a lot to love about Devil Driver. Bred by Michigan’s Tiki Madman, it brings together the cult classics Sundae Driver and Melonade. This sinister chauffeur is one of those strains you can’t help but notice from across the session.

Devil Driver looks like you wish you did on your driver’s license and smells like grape febreeze. It’s hard to look away from these towering nugs with their turret-like fingers shooting off in all directions. Don’t leave the jar open unless you want the whole house to smell like grape candy. The grind only makes the grape more powerful and this musky layer starts to thicken the smell from candy to cough syrup. There’s a lot of melon sweetness up front before you start getting a funkiness and some grape taffy.

Even from a bong, you get a strong grape gum flavor that’s strongest at the sides of your tongue and tumbles around the sides of your mouth like luggage in an empty overhead bin. There’s a fuzzy-at-the-edge, mildly clear-headed quality to Devil Driver that makes you feel comfortable in the passenger seat.

Strains like this one are often beloved by the wake & bake crowd as well as social smokers. Perhaps one of the loudest strains in our current rotation.

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